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  • Tailored Maiden Cay Blue Swim Shorts
  • Tailored Maiden Cay Blue Swim Shorts
  • Tailored Maiden Cay Blue Swim Shorts
Sink Swimwear

Tailored Maiden Cay Blue Swim Shorts


Upgraded Material - Collection III comes with added extras as it sees a brushed gold plaque situated on top of the waistband and specially treated swim material with a softer feel and faster drying fabric. The longer length in short makes it a staple tailored item for all holiday occasions. 

Arguably the best beach in Jamaica; the small secluded Island hosts golden sands surrounded by crystal blue waters and innumerable parked
yachts. We took this image and made a direct interpretation onto the short with the turquoise stripes representing the crystal waters, the white stripes depicting the encircledyachts and the golden sand signifying the elegantly placed metal wear.

Designed in-house by our dedicated menswear team, Sink Swimwear have designed and created these shorts to perfection. You will not find a more stylish or higher quality pair of shorts anywhere else. Our Tailored Short exhibits quick dry fabric with a brushed gold plaque and back pocket popper, as well as side entry pockets, mesh lining and a newly introduced fly fastening. Perfect for all holiday occasions. 

These are simply the best and most stylish pair of swim shorts you will ever own.